Clean Rivers Campaign


The Clean Rivers Campaign will ensure that the federally-mandated solution to our sewer problem will bring maximum benefits to our community.

This fix, which will be the largest public works project in our lifetimes, can revitalize our communities through the creation of family-sustaining jobs and green infrastructure improvements such as permeable streets, rain gardens, trees, and parks.

Through education, advocacy, and civic engagement, the campaign will champion large-scale green infrastructure strategies and promote smart public policies.

The Stop W & K Sweatshop Campaign
is a joint project of Pittsburgh UNITED, the Labor and Religion Coalition of Southwestern PA and the Three Rivers Coalition for Justice.  The goal of the campaign is to end the sweatshop working conditions at the W&K Steel Fabrication plant in Rankin where workers are risking their lives for poverty wages.

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Northside United
is a coalition of Northside community groups, churches, social service agencies, Northsiders of all ages, labor unions, environmental groups and allies from around the city, working together to win Community Benefits Agreements (CBA’s) with the corporate developers who are building projects on the Northshore.

The One Hill CBA Campaign was Pittsburgh UNITED's first campaign.  The One Hill CBA Coalition, which includes more than 100 organizations and businesses from the Hill District,  was organized before Pittsburgh UNITED was up and running.  We were asked to play a supportive role in the Coalition's historic fight for Community Benefits for the Hill.


A growing, bipartisan coalition of policymakers supports the Employee Free Choice Act, proposed legislation that would ensure that workers have a free choice and a fair chance to form a union.  Simply put, the Employee Free Choice Act will allow workers to once again choose to form unions without the fear of being fired.

Pittsburgh UNITED is part of a national coalition that is working to educate American citizens and policy-makers about this important reform.