Pittsburgh Clean Water and Clean Air Bills

Clean Air
Less Diesel Emissions Mean Healthier Air!

Diesel emissions harm our health, our environment and our economy.

According to the EPA, nationally more than 37% of land-based particulate
matter comes from construction equipment.

There's a Solution to Diesel Pollution!

Publicity-funded development should be a partner in protecting our health
and environment. This bill states that contracts for publicly funded development in the city of Pittsburgh must require:
• All diesel vehicles on site to have the Best Available Diesel Control Technology installed.
• Use of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel.

Clean Water

Less Stormwater runoff means healthier rivers and drinking water!

Pittsburgh's rivers are the soul of our region. When it rains, stormwater runoff forces untreated sewage into our rivers. Publicly funded development should lead the way in innovative techniques to control and drastically reduce this problem.

There is a better way!

Pittsburgh should require developments that receive our tax dollars to drastically
reduce the stormwater that runs o their projects. There are green infrastructure and
low impact development tools that can reduce stormwater and enhance our city’s
green look. The Federal Government has a requirement for federal buildings
that we can use as a model.


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