Good Government & Responsible Development


Good Government and Responsible Development

Pittsburgh UNITED supports policies that will increase transparency in local government so that the public may have full knowledge of how our tax dollars are being spent.  We also believe that a well-informed, organized and civically engaged community is essential to our democracy, and that it is the charge of that empowered community to hold Government accountable for the spending of our tax dollars.

Transparent local government practices are key to understanding the complex transactions that occur between government and the private sector drivers of economic development.

Pittsburgh UNITED supports development practices and policies that ensure real public benefits in return for public investment in major development projects.  Private developers who receive public subsidies should:
•    create family-sustaining jobs with benefits and retirement security, both during construction and after;
•    include affordable and accessable housing in any housing development;
•    promote civic engagement by working with neighborhood groups and their allies;
•    practice environmentally-sustainable building and operating practices




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