The 3 Tools I Use in Every PowerPoint

People hate PowerPoints.  They hate making them.  They hate viewing them.  Personally, I think these folks have been exposed to one too many of these:

Ugly powerpoint slide

Or these:

Data heavy slide

(If you don’t see the problem with these slides, then message me for some coaching.)

The truth is that your PowerPoint will make or break your credibility.  We judge ideas by their presentation like books by their covers.  A crisp, easily digestible slide makes you look like an expert.  A busy, out-of-style design will suck the validity out of your ideas.

I retouch executive-level PowerPoints every day in my role as Slide-Maker to the Stars (a.k.a my leadership team).  Here are the 3 tools I use in almost every PowerPoint:

1. Set transparent color (Picture Format ▶ Color ▶ Set Transparent Color)

Never again be plagued by an outline around your Google-searched image.  Eliminate unwanted borders and backgrounds using the Set Transparent Color function for clean iconography.

set transparent color

2. Auto-align & auto-distribute (Shape Format ▶ Align ▶ Align Center / Distribute Vertically)

Be pixel-perfect in your alignment.  Quickly get your boxes in order using the auto-align and auto-distribute functions.

auto align

3. Crop to shape (Picture ▶ Format Crop ▶ Crop to Shape)

Don’t get stuck on squares. Embrace a diverse palette of shapes with the crop to shape function.

crop image

Giving a great presentation with poorly-formed slides is like wearing a nice dress with chewed up shoes.  Don’t risk muddying your message.  Invest in developing your technical and design skills when it comes to PowerPoint.