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  •   Groups want Alcosan to incorporate green infrastructure in its sewage overflow plan
    10 Jun 2013
    Trib live
    The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority on Monday turned down a request from a coalition of environmental groups for information about incorporating green infrastructure into a federally mandated plan for eliminating sewage overflows during heavy rains. The Clean Rivers Campaign, a coalition of groups advocating for green infrastructure, plans to appeal the decision to the state, under the Right-to-Know Law. Alcosan, which must comply with a federal court order to eliminate sewage overflows into creeks and rivers, asked the federal Environmental Protection Agency for an 18-month extensi
  •   ALCOSAN Told by Ratepayers to Go Green
    19 Oct 2012

    A long line of speakers formed inside the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN) boardroom this morning as ratepayers waited their turn to ask the authority’s executive director to find a “greener” solution to the region’s sewage overflow problems.  Earlier this year ALCOSAN released a draft

  •   700 march in Greenfield jobs rally
    18 Nov 2011

    About 700 people from local unions, advocacy groups and faith organizations marched to the Greenfield Bridge Thursday to call for jobs and restoration of the American dream.
  •   Workers are Risking their Lives for Poverty Wages
    10 Feb 2011

    W & K Steel, LLC is a steel fabrication company located in Rankin, Pennsylvania that manufactures fabricated structural steel and other products used in construction, such as metal bars, beams, ornamental iron railings, and stairs.  W & K Steel reported $4.8 million in sales in 2008.1
  •   City Council Passes Clean Water Act
    27 Jul 2010
    Pittsburgh Council today unanimously passed the Clean Water Act.

    Executive Director of Pittsburgh UNITED, Barney Oursler, said the passing of this legislation is a big step in the environmental world, as it addresses one of western Pennsylvania’s biggest problems. He said the bill was unanimously passed mainly due to the large coalition of supporters urging council to vote for it.

    Councilmen Bruce Kraus and Bill Peduto said the approval demonstrates their commitment towards a better environment.
  •   Air kisses: Middle schoolers rally for the environment
    18 Jul 2010
    Out of the mouths of babes. Well, in this case, tweens. Young participants in an environmental summer camp took their quest for clean air to the West End Overlook on Thursday, hoping to persuade City Council to enact tougher measures.

    Seventy-eight middle-school students are taking part in the nine-week Pittsburgh Cares E-Serve camp, which is designed to teach them about the environment and what individuals can do to help make the world cleaner, greener and healthier.
  •   Campers call attention to environmental legislation before City Council
    16 Jul 2010
    Youth raise a chant for clean air

    Paw Parheat, left, 13, and Chris Thorpe, 11, shout "Clean air now!" at a press conference demanding clean air for Pittsburgh at the West End Overlook.

    Kids from the Pittsburgh Cares E-Serve summer camp are supporting the Clean Air Bill introduced in city council.
  •   Pittsburgh campers give shout out for clean air
    16 Jul 2010
    When Denzie White started to learn about air pollution, the 12-year-old Bellevue girl thought she should do something about it.

    "Why live in a place that has air pollution?" Denzie said.

    She and 50 other kids decided to "do something about it" atop West End Overlook park Thursday afternoon.

    Holding posters and shouting, "Clean air now!" and "Pollution is wrong!" the children urged City Council to pass the Clean Air Act, which aims to reduce diesel emissions.
  •   Pittsburgh may require new job site rules
    2 Jul 2010
    More than 200 union members and environmental activists turned out Thursday in support of two City Council bills that would restrict diesel emissions and storm water runoff on city-subsidized development projects.

    "When we put our tax dollars into something, the diesel equipment should be cleaner. ... And developers should be part of the solution in trying to capture as much water as they can," said Tom Hoffman, Western Pennsylvania's director for Clean Water Action.
  •   Clean Air, Water Acts Arrive at Pgh City Council
    1 Jun 2010
    WDUQ News
    Environmental activists, union members, and several community organizations gathered outside Pittsburgh City Council Chambers today to support new legislation aimed at cleaning the city’s air and water.

    Councilman Bill Peduto’s Clean Water Act of 2010 would require publicly-funded developers to try to contain storm water runoff. Its partner bill, the Clean Air Act, would mandate that diesel-powered construction vehicles be retrofitted with cleaner exhaust systems or replaced with cleaner vehicles.